We provide premium quality branded construction and cleaning products for both wholesale and retail. To ensure proper hygiene, we are committed to providing good quality branded products to our customers.

Terrace Waterproofing

With our effective terrace waterproofing solutions, we ensure less deterioration of surfaces which can help in producing less damage to buildings caused by rainwater. We applied for Metal, Concrete new and old roof, Protect heat insulation and Fungal. Protect UV resistant. We used Excellent crack bridging capacity, Alkali resistance, breathability and elongations materials.

Basement Waterproofing

We ensure to provide basement waterproofing to keep water out of a structure's basement. With our effective basement waterproofing service, one can avoid problems of poorly installed and maintained gutters, improper slopes, hydrostatic pressure and condensation, and so on.

Floor leakage Waterproofing:

With effective floor waterproofing, you can prevent damaging floors and destroying the building surface. We provide a wide range of deck waterproofing services. We have the different methodology and budget friendly.

Wall Leakage

Water may penetrate through fractures in walls because it follows the simplest path. We provide a wide range of wall Leakage seepage waterproofing services. Seeping water in your wall can be a big source of concern for homeowners. We protect dampness and keep your wall freshness.

Bathroom Leakage Waterproofing

The moisture from a leaking bathroom may ruin your costly wall paints, detracting from the overall appearance and feel of your home. Hence, our team ensure to provide you with proper bathroom waterproofing services with difference methodology and budget friendly.

Overhead Tank

Repairing an existing water tank takes time and causes difficulty for homeowners. That is why, when waterproofing water tanks for new homes, you must use the proper solution. With ChemicoPlus, you can ensure effective waterproofing of overhead tanks. We used Food safety approved materials for drinking water storage tank preparations.

Swimming Pools

We use epoxy-cement systems to waterproof swimming pools since they form a strong barrier against counter pressure as well as a resistant layer which can protect your swimming pools.

Crack filling

By overcoming gaps in walls and floors, crack filler increases the life of your plaster and structural surface. We work towards the preservation of a structure's durability and the prevention of additional deterioration.

Retaining Wall

We construct a retaining wall to keep soil and other materials from sliding and reposing at a specified inclination angle. The retaining wall either offers lateral support for the backfill and embankments or holds them vertically in the outdoor areas.

Basement and Parking

Water enters the basement through the walls and flooring, causing the basement floor or wall to deteriorate. To avoid this problem, we provide wall and floor sealing with a hydraulic cement sealer concrete patching compound.